Case Study


An Example Case Study of Tremor Treatment with Dietary Supplements

Case History

A 68 year old woman has seen substantial reversal in Tremor severity and symptoms following a combination of oxaloacetate and magnesium oxide supplementation.  Both supplements are natrural over-the-counter dietary supplements.


The woman, currently 68 years old, began having tremors in 2009.  She is a Scientist at a major University.  The tremors were having a serious effect on her "Quality of Life".  She had to stop driving, and needed to use voice recognition software on her computer as she could no longer type.

"...I began to develop tremors in my hands and was no longer able to type on the computer keyboard, to carry anything without spilling it, to button my clothes, or to comb my hair. My handwriting was illegible and I had great degree of difficulty in holding to silverware and feeding myself."

On the advise of a neurologist friend, the woman started taking a combination of thermally stabilized Oxaloacetate and Magnesium Oxide in May, 2011.  The dosage was 100 mg Oxaloacetate (1 capsule) and 400 mg Magnesium Oxide (1 capsule) at breakfast, and the same regimen at dinner.

The change in the patient was dramatic:

"After four weeks on oxaloacetate/Mg combination, the tremors gradually began to subside, allowing me to take a trip to Europe with my husband.  The tremors continued to subside and were almost completely gone by the time we returned from Europe (beginning of August). I have now given up my Voice-activated computer program.  I am now capable of carrying a cup of coffee, can comb my hair and button my clothes.  My handwriting has improved and I can again type on my computer and drive. I am still continuing on the same Oxaloacetate/Mg therapy..."

The patient noticeably improved her quality of life by adding  Oxaloacetate and Magnesium Oxide supplements to her diet.

This case study is not intended to infer that all cases of tremor will be treated with a combination of Oxaloacetate and Magnesium Oxide.  Some types of tremor will not be treated.  We note that she noticed an improvement in 30 days, and a substantial improvement in 90 days.  If you try this combination of supplements and you can not see any improvement, then it is likely that continued use may not be of benefit.

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