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We can't guarantee you that our nutritional supplement, Tremor Stop, can reduce or eliminate your tremors due to the wide variety of tremor types and the difficulty with determining the underlying cause of the tremor.  What we can do, however, is let you try our Tremor Stop Kit and see if it is helpful.  If it is-- GREAT!  We are very glad to be of help, and are glad to add to the Quality of your Life.

We feel so strongly that our product may help you, that if it does not, we have a 110% money back guarantee on our Tremor Stop Kit If after 30 days you see no improvement, then return the empty bottles for a refund of 110% of the cost of the kit.  Typically, if this supplement is to help you, you will see a slight improvement in 30 days, with a much larger improvement in 90 days.

For more information on our Risk-Free Guarantee see our Return Policy.

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“I had my tremor in my left hand for 30 years. I could not hide it. Everyone noticed it. It was difficult to hold objects in my hand because of the violent tremor. I had the fear that clients would loose confidence in my skill as a cosmetologist, so I taught classes instead.      

Only eleven days after taking Tremor Stop my tremor became less violent. By the end of thirty days my tremor was 90% gone. My family and friends were amazed by the results. They can feel confident that I won’t drop food down their necks when I serve them, nor find the cookie plate spilled in their laps. The cups and saucers no longer rattle. I don’t spill the liquids out of containers.  I can use my hand mirror with a steady hand and view the back of my hair. I can read whatever I’m holding in my hand.

Hurrah, it’s wonderful to be rid of such a debilitating condition!”

            Jane Grigg, North Carolina