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The Cause of Essential Tremor

Several groups of scientists have identified that Essential Tremor is caused by dysfunctional mitochondria. [1-4] Mitochondria are the “power-plants” of our cells, and provide the energy to run our bodies. Mitochondria have their own DNA (mtDNA) and in Essential Tremor patients, there are large deletions within several regions of the mtDNA.[4] Additionally, patients with a special variation of the HS1BPE gene show a strong association with Essential Tremor. The proteins produced by this gene localize to the mitochondria, and are involved with mitochondrial function. [2] Both the special variation of the HS1BPE gene and mtDNA deletions can be passed from one generation to the next, which is why Essential Tremor tends to run along family lines. Deletions in the Mitochondrial DNA increase with age, and mitochondrial dysfunction also increases with aging, [5] which is why Essential Tremor is more common as we age.

Environmental factors can also damage the mitochondria, and cause or increase the development and severity of Essential Tremor. Smoking can reduce the body’s ability to rebuild mitochondria, [6] which may accelerate Essential Tremor symptoms. Pesticides and heavy metals such as lead, mercury, and manganese can also destroy the mitochondria which may lead to Essential Tremor. [7-10]

There is a treatment strategy to overcome Essential Tremor

There are three keys to overcoming Essential Tremor, 1) Protect the mitochondria, 2) Improve Mitochondrial Functioning, and 3) Rebuild new mitochondria. Protecting the mitochondria will reduce the progression of any mitochondrial based condition, but will not reverse existing conditions. This is why anti-oxidants, which can protect the mitochondria from damage, do not treat Essential Tremors. Anti-oxidants can, however, reduce the progression of Essential Tremor by reducing the damage to existing mitochondria. In order to see a reversal of Essential Tremor, it is necessary to both improve mitochondrial functioning and rebuild new mitochondria.

Treatment of Essential Tremor

Successful treatment of Essential Tremor involves all three strategies of protecting the mitochondria, improving mitochondrial functioning, and rebuilding new mitochondria. We have identified three compounds that can provide this treatment; 1) Oxaloacetate, a human metabolite within the Krebs cycle, 2) Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C), a powerful anti-oxidiant, and 3) Magnesium Oxide, a natural mineral.

Protecting the Mitochondria. Scientists have used animal models to show the direct link between mitochondrial DNA damage and tremors. A toxic compound, Kainic acid, can be used to cause mtDNA damage in brain tissue and tremors in mice. [11, 12] This same damage can be completely stopped with the natural human metabolite, oxaloacetate.[13] Additionally, oxaloacetate acts to protect neural tissues,[14-17] and is itself a powerful anti-oxidant. [18, 19] Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C) has also been shown to have a strong protective effect on neurons and brain tissues. [20, 21] Magnesium is also being investigated for its neuro-protective properties. [22]

Improving Mitochondrial Function. Small amounts of oxaloacetate have been shown to greatly improve mitochondrial functioning in the brain by enhancing the functionality of the pyruvate dehydrogenase enzyme by up to 300%.[23] This improvement in mitochondrial functionality by oxaloacetate can be directly measured in muscle tissue, which shows a 10% increase in endurance and resistance to fatigue with oxaloacetate supplementation, [24] presumably due to an increase in ATP production.

Rebuilding New Mitochondria. Creating new mitochondria as we age can overcome many of the problems of dysfunctional mitochondria. The process is called “mitochondrial biogenesis”, and is reliant up the activation of an energy-sensing protein called “AMPK”.[25] There are several natural ways to naturally activate AMPK, and they include prolonged dieting (calorie restriction), prolonged exercise, and oxaloacetate supplementation. [26, 27] As we age, both dieting and prolonged exercise are less appealing, and as a result, we activate AMPK less often as we age, and produce less mitochondria. The production of new mitochondria is critical to reversing the symptoms of Essential Tremor so unless you are interested in taking up marathon running, oxaloacetate supplementation may be the preferred method. Building these new mitochondria will also help you reduce fatigue.


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A Case Study of oxaloacetate, ascorbic acid and magnesium supplementation

Perhaps this case study will sound familiar to you:


A woman, currently 68 years old, began having tremors in 2009. She is a Scientist at a major University. The tremors were having a serious effect on her "Quality of Life". She had to stop driving, and needed to use voice recognition software on her computer as she could no longer type. 

"...I began to develop tremors in my hands and was no longer able to type on the computer keyboard, to carry anything without spilling it, to button my clothes, or to comb my hair. My handwriting was illegible and I had great degree of difficulty in holding to silverware and feeding myself."

On the advise of a neurologist friend, the woman started taking a combination of thermally stabilized Oxaloacetate and Magnesium Oxide in May, 2011. The dosage was 100 mg Oxaloacetate (1 capsule) and 400 mg Magnesium Oxide (1 capsule) at breakfast, and the same regimen at dinner.

The change in the patient was dramatic:

"After four weeks on oxaloacetate/Mg combination, the tremors gradually began to subside, allowing me to take a trip to Europe with my husband. The tremors continued to subside and were almost completely gone by the time we returned from Europe (beginning of August). I have now given up my Voice-activated computer program. I am now capable of carrying a cup of coffee, can comb my hair and button my clothes. My handwriting has improved and I can again type on my computer and drive. I am still continuing on the same Oxaloacetate/Mg therapy..."

The patient noticeably improved her quality of life by adding Oxaloacetate and Magnesium Oxide supplements to her diet. The combination is exclusive to the Tremor Stop Kit.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I use the Tremor Stop Kit?
Take one capsule of Tremor Stop with one capsule of Magnesium Oxide at breakfast and again at dinner.

Do I need to sign up for a “club” or monthly delivery?
No. There is no need to sign up for automatic deductions from your credit card or any other “club”. If you wish to have monthly shipments, just notify us by email at

What is in the Tremor Stop Kit?
The Tremor Stop kit includes 2 bottles of Tremor Stop, composed of 100 mg of thermally stabilized oxaloacetate and 150 mg Vitamin C, and 1 bottle of magnesium oxide.

Why don’t you mix all these ingredient together and just give me one pill?
The oxaloacetate and magnesium don’t store well together. We keep them separated so that you can have the freshest ingredients.

Is Tremor Stop Safe?
Prior to the introduction of oxaloacetate as a human supplement, Terra Biological LLC worked with the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for three years in establishing our qualifications for safety of the product as a “New Dietary Ingredient” under the Dietary Supplement Heath and Education Act (DSHEA). Note that unlike pharmaceutical drugs, the FDA does not approve or disapprove nutritional supplements, and has made no review of our claims. The FDA does oversee nutritional supplement safety.

Who makes Tremor Stop?
Terra Biological LLC, San Diego, California, USA. The product is manufactured in a GMP facility in the USA.

Do you ship to international addresses:
Yes, we ship around the world.

Can I take Tremor Stop with my other prescriptions?
This is always a question best answered by you and your physician. Currently, we know of no detrimental drug interactions. Persons sensitive to Vitamin C should not take this product, as it contains Vitamin C.

How do I know Tremor Stop will work for me?
Let us be absolutely honest with you….you don’t. So why try Tremor Stop over other products that promise a cure? Because not only the science backs up the use of this product…. But we do also. If you are not satisfied, we will return 110% of your purchase price. In effect, we are so sure it will help you, that we will pay you to try it. One of the reasons we can’t be 100% sure if Tremor Stop will be effective for you is that many types of tremor have overlapping symptoms—and while Tremor Stop is effective in reducing or eliminating many tremors, it is not effective on all Tremor types. So, if you don’t see a slight improvement in 30 days, just let us know and we will return 110% of your money. Just call us to get a return authorization, and Thanks for trying Tremor Stop. On the other hand, you may just have solved your Tremor problem…..we are confident that this product can work for you.

How long does it take to receive an order?
Tremor Stop is sent by US First Class Mail and domestic shipments typically take 2 to 4 days to receive. International shipments are sent by US First Class International Mail and typically take 2 weeks to receive, but can take longer depending upon the que in customs.

What can I expect when I use the Tremor Stop Kit?
Typically you can expect only a slight improvement in your tremors after 30 days. If you don’t feel better after 30 days, then we recommend that you contact us for your 110% guarantee. If you do feel slightly better, then we recommend you continue on with the product. Expect tremors to be significantly better or eliminated after 3 months of use.

What payment methods do you accept?
We accept American Express, MasterCard, Visa, and JBC.

What is your guarantee?


We offer a 110% guarantee.  So if this product does not work for you, we will return 110% of your purchase price for a Tremor Stop Kit.  See our Return Policy.  Please call for a return authorization at 858-947-5722.  We have you call, because we wish to understand why Tremor Stop did not work for you. 11025guarantee_edited-1 


Magnesium oxide- A natural mineral.
Oxaloacetate- Thermally stabilized oxaloacetate, a natural human molecule that is part of energy production within the human body.
Ascorbic Acid- Vitamin C.


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