Tremor Stop Individual Bottle

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Tremor Stop contains thermally stabilized oxaloacetate which has been shown to protective of neural tissues and mitochondrial DNA in laboratory tests. When oxaloacetate is supplemented into the diet of short lived animals, it increases their lifespan by up to 25% (p<0.001, Williams et al, Aging Cell, 2009). Oxaloacetate is present in every cell of your body within the Krebs Cycle. Each capsule of Tremor Stop contains approximately 100 times the amount of oxaloacetate normally consumed in the average diet. If the product is to be successful, typically you will notice a small reduction in tremors within the first month, and a major reduction within 3 months. If successful, we recommend continuing Tremor Stop even after the elimination of all tremors to support healthy neurological functioning.
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